Changing Materialities at Çatalhöyük: Reports From the 1995–99 Seasons

This is Volume 5 in the Çatalhöyük Research Project series. It deals with aspects of the material culture excavated in the 1995–99 period. In particular it discusses the changing materiality of life at the site over its 1,100 years of occupation. It includes a discussion of ceramics and other fired clay material, chipped stone, groundstone, worked bone, and basketry. As well as looking at typological and comparative issues in relation to these materials, the chapters explore themes such as the specialization and scale of production, the engagement in systems of exchange, and consumption, use, and deposition. A central question concerns change through time, and the degree and speed of this change. The occupants of the site increasingly get caught up in relations with material objects that start to act back upon them.