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Workshop: The Social in the Past. Things, Networks, and Texts: A Material Approach to the Pre-Modern

The program will be a mixture between theoretical lectures and case studies, and the same oscillation is likely to be found within individual presentations: heuristic use of social theory in historical interpretation seems to be a common format. Presenters are invited to bring their expertise to bear on theoretical and methodical challenges in applying social science perspectives to an analysis of a past where social formation occurred under conditions and paradigms we no longer may observe. In order to facilitate conversation across disciplines, all are invited to consider relations and interplays between things and texts, and also between things/texts and networks (social associations). Since this is a pointedly cross-disciplinary workshop, presenters are asked to avoid disciplinary tribal language. The use of examples is welcome. Some of the lectures may be open to the general public. 

November 11–14, 2014
Centre for Advanced Study, Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

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